The Very Veggie Movement is taking part in Ethical Eating Day!

Ethical Eating Day is a global day of awareness that draws mindful attention to the impact our personal choices as a society can have on the environment, wildlife, and each other. It does so by empowering individuals across the globe to learn more about these crucial issues that affect us all and provides some simple ways to make a big difference.

As part of our special collaborative efforts with Ethical Eating Day, we’ve launched a brand new way to show your love for the environment and all of Earth’s creatures. This activity allows people to share their stories with us as well as recommend local vegetarian businesses that are in need of support. This Ethical Eating Day tell us why you think it’s important to eat vegetarian and ethically in 2022 and get featured in our blog!

Change starts with you and it can start one day at a time. Join us as we unite with Ethical Eating Day on January 11th, 2022.

#EthicalEatingDay 1.11.2022

See what people around the world have submitted so far – and add what’s local to you to our #EthicalEatingDay gallery!

All submissions are subject to review and, once approved, posted within 48 hours.

Keep healthy and have better and long life.
Liliam, NY

If anyone is interested to save the world, this is really important not just for me but the entire human race. Turning to plant based diet is the easiest way anyone can do to save the world. Proud to be a Vegetarian since 2010. Best decision I made in my life. Cheers to all who made the same decision.
Rita Tan, Philippines
This is the social justice issue of our time! We can no longer pretend that we don’t know the cruelty of using animal products. It is wonderful that we can make such a difference.
John Tyson, Massachusetts
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The Very Veggie Movement, an initiative of Tzu Chi USA, upholds the teachings of our founder, the venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen, who guides us to live in harmony with the Earth. One way we do so is through the adoption of a mindful, vegetarian diet, thus, showing sincere love and reverence for not only Mother Earth, but all who share this magnificent planet with us.

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