Thank you for your interest in our survey. It is intended to gather honest feedback about your personal experience as a vegetarian/vegan (or former/almost vegetarian/vegan) in hopes of shedding light on its real-life challenges and surprises.


  • You are NOT required to answer all questions. For those that you choose to answer, feel free to be as candid as possible and share as many details as you can. This is a safe space!
  • Your responses may be considered for inclusion in the summer issue of the Tzu Chi USA Journal. Submission of this form will constitute your permission and responses will be chosen at the discretion of the Tzu Chi USA Journal (and with your best interest at heart). Explore past issues at tzuchi.us/journal. For further questions, please contact us at [email protected].
  • We are accepting entries by April 26, 2021.

Thank you so much!